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Pau Gasol Reclaims Middle Ground For Lakers

Ready or not, Pau Gasol is back in a familiar position. Andrew Bynum absence for the next eight to 12 weeks because of a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee Gasol made the obvious candidate to move from power forward to center, where he played 48 matches for Laker last season after his arrival via trade from Memphis..
6.2.09 10:47

Xto Chairman Slips Bush A Note At Baylor Game

When Baylor University alum and XTO Energy Chairman Bob Simpson noted George W Bush woman basketball at Baylor in Waco on Wednesday night, decided to move the former president a note. I told him: Thank you for keeping my seven children safe..
6.2.09 10:47

Cheryl Cole Lands A Lucrative Novel Writing Deal

43 million dollars for each publishing house HarperCollins. The novel is characterized by ups and downs of a woman passes in his journey to find romance. It was a singing star in Girls Aloud, but after his success as a judge on X Factor shes reached another level, Contactmusic quoted a source as saying Britains newspaper The People. Popstar Cheryl Cole reported landed a deal to a huge 7. The romantic novels will be equal to 1. 3 million dollars to write romantic novels. The Girls Aloud luminary will be writing a series of chick-lit romantic novels aimed at young women.
6.2.09 10:47

Roering Jacobs Lead Lakers To Victory

This time it is the victory against Yellow Medicine East as the Laker cutting straight Sting 49-46 for their fifth victory.. Emily Roering hit two free throws to secure another West Central South Conference win on Tuesday night.
6.2.09 10:47

Kelly Rowland Slams Home Foreclosure Reports

The speculation was widespread that the former Destiny Child singer was at risk of finding itself after a stay in Miami, Florida, has put the property on the market in 2007, has failed to attract a buyer.. R Kelly Rowland B singer has denied the reports of the United States his home is facing foreclosure - is selling the property to move abroad.
6.2.09 10:47

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